Over 100+ years of combined veterinary experience serving all of Alexandria and the Washington metropolitan region.

Our Statement

"It's all about the animals"
Belle Haven Animal Medical Centre is a privately-owned, small animal hospital that provides exceptional veterinary services to our patients through knowledgeable, compassionate, and responsible care. We pride ourselves on providing our patients, and their owners, a sincere, transparent, and sophisticated experience through comprehensive medicine, ultra-modern technology, and cherished client relationships. Through exceptional loving care, our staff will provide for your pet a “safe haven.”


A Farewell to Dr. Scott Stokowski & a Hello to Dr. Corinne Plough!

Although Dr. Stokowski was only with us for a short time, his compassion, knowledge in medicine, and commitment aided the hospitals values where you could entrust the care of your pets with confidence. It is with that knowledge that we sadly announce that he is leaving our BHAMC family to pursue his passion in radiology. While Dr. Stokowski may never be replaced, we’re excited to announce our new veterinarian, Dr. Corinne Plough, who will be joining our BHAMC family in mid-July.
Thank you for your trust in our hospital and staff as we continue to strive in providing the best veterinary care to your four-legged family members.

Christian Veterinary Mission: Animal Impact Gift Guide

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